Disabled Athlete - Girls 1Km - Classification:

Number 02
Location Rangiora Showgrounds
Date 30 May 2023
Gender Girls
Ages 9 and above
Notes Children can be 8 years old providing they are in Year 5 at school in 2011. Disabled Athlete Classifications: PD - Physical Disability - Standing - This classification is for athletes with physical impairments, who don't use a wheelchair, that affects their ability to compete against able bodied athletes. Examples include Cerebral Palsy, Spina bifida, amputee, club foot etc. VI - Vision Impairment - This classification is for athletes who are, or qualify to be, a member of the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind. O - Open - This Classification is for disabled athletes who do not meet the criteria for the above classifications (unable to gain a provisional physical disability or vision impairment classification from Paralympics New Zealand). Examples include Down Syndrome, development delay etc.


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Allenvale: Savannah ASENIERO, Chelsea FISCHER